This Guest Ticket Contract(the“Ticket Contract”)describes the terms and conditions that will apply to the relationship between the Passenger(as defined in Section 2.2below)and the Carrier(as defined in Section 2.3below)of the Vessel with respect to the Cruise or Cruise Tour covered by this Agreement.



All terms and conditions of this Ticket Contractare incorporated into theGuest Ticket(the“Ticket”),whether or not the Passenger signed this Ticket Contract,purchased the ticket on his own or whether the ticket is held or presented by another person on his behalf,this Ticket Contractshall constitute the agreement by Passenger,on behalf of himself and all other persons traveling under this Ticket Contract(including any accompanying minors or other persons for whom the Ticket Contract was purchased),to be bound by the terms and conditions of this Ticket Contract.This Ticket Contract cannot be modified except in a writing signed by Carrier.In addition,Passenger acknowledges the availability of and Passenger agrees to abide by the terms and conditions,including but not limited to certain payment terms such as minimum deposit requirements and payment due dates,which appear in the applicable Carrier brochure or online atwww.aocruise.com,where applicable,as advised by your travel agent.In the event of any conflict between Carriers brochure or website materials and this Ticket Contract,the terms of this Ticket Contract shall prevail.Passenger can always access the most updated Guest Ticket Contract(incorporating the Passenger Conduct Policy)on the website ofwww.aocruise.com.




Agreement”or“Contract”means the terms and conditions set forth in this Ticket Contract together with other terms and conditions contained in theTicket(including e-ticket)and Carrier website,as well as the form signed and confirmed by you at the time of booking and purchasing Tickets(including e-tickets),and theticket fareyou will have to pay for Cruise on this cruise.Together,the items described in the preceding sentence shall constitute an agreement between Passenger and Carrier for the Cruise or CruiseTour.



"Passenger"or“Guest”or“You”means all persons travelingor will travelunder this Ticket Contract."Passenger"shall include the plural and the use of the masculine shall include the feminine.



"Carrier"means the person who enters into this contract with the passenger by himself or by entrusting others to fill out the ticket in his own name.




“Ticket fare”means the fee payable by a passenger on a cruise specified in this contract,whether or not the fee has been paid by the passenger,but does not include amounts due for other products or services such as air transportation,photographs,gratuities,telephone calls,or medical services,shore excursions provided by third parties which can be purchased separately,nor does it include port tax,service fee,fuel surcharge and any other similar fees levied by any government or quasi-government organ on the tonnage of passengers,cruises,berths or cruises.Passenger agrees that the Carrier shall not be liable for the refund of the Ticket unless otherwise stipulated in this ticket contract or otherwise stipulated in laws and regulations.

Carrier reserves the right to impose a supplemental charge relating to unanticipated occurrences including,but not limited to,increases in the price of fuel.Any such supplement charges may apply,at Carrier's sole discretion, to both existing and new bookings (regardless of whether such bookings have been paid in full). Such supplements are not included in the ticket fare.



"Port Tax Fee" means the fees, charges, tolls and taxes levied by the government and/or any government or quasi-government organ, including, but not limited to, customs fees, head tax, dock usage fees, wharf fees, inspection fees, pilotage fees, Airport tax, Hotel tax or value-added tax payable on onshore travel, entry-exit and Naturalization fees, port maintenance fees and the provisions of the competent tax authorities. Costs, port/terminal fees and passenger handling fees are assessed on a per passenger, per cabin, per tonnage or per ship basis.



“Land Tour” shall mean the land tour to be provided either prior to the initial embarkation on the cruise or after the final debarkation from the cruise.



“Transport” means the railcars, buses and other modes of transportation or accommodation provided by LTO in connection with a Land Tour.



"Cruise" means a ship owned, chartered and operated by the Carrier and any other substitute ship used to perform this contract.



“cabin luggage” means luggage that passengers carry, keep or place in the cabin. Each adult Passenger is permitted to carry onboard the Vessel or check-in only the wearing apparel and personal effects reasonably necessary for the cruise, including suitcases, trunks, valises, satchels, bags, hangers containing clothing, toiletries and similar items.



“Travel Agent” means a person acting as an agent of a passenger, not a carrier, who is fully authorized by the passenger to act for and on behalf of the passenger in the formulation of cruise and any related travel plans, accommodation and travel or any other business, including, but not limited to, agents who sign a passenger bill contract with the carrier, receive any bill issued by the carrier, make an appointment, modify or cancel any reservation, sign any documents, pay and collect any funds.







Compliance Obligation Generally.Passenger shall at all times comply with the provisions of this Agreement,all applicable laws,and rules,policies and regulations of the Carrier,the Vessel and the Transport(as the same may be changed from time to time with or without notice),and always abide by the lawful instructions of the captain,senior crew and crew.Passenger agrees not to enter any areas of the Vessel designated for crew only,including crew quarters,under any circumstances whatsoever.Passenger further agrees that Carrier may prohibit or restrict Passenger from bringing any alcoholic beverages,drugs or any other articles endangering or possibly endangering the safety of any person or property on a cruise ship,as well as any kind of animals(except those serving animals which are otherwise provided for in this Contract and which are carried on board with the consent of the Carrier)for consumption onboard the Vesseland agrees to comply with any Carrier policy covering such matters.Nothing in this Agreement shall grant to Passenger any right to sell products to or provide services to other Passengers onboard the Cruise or CruiseTour and Passenger shall be prohibited from doing so.



Passengers are solely responsible to maintain in their possession all passports,visas and other travel documents required for embarkation,travel and disembarkation at all ports of call.Passengers assume full responsibility to determine through their Travel Representative or the appropriate government authority the necessary documents.Passenger agrees to provide to Carrier(at Carrier's reasonable request)any travel documents.Carrier shall return such travel documents to Passenger by no later than the end of the cruise.



Passenger understands and agrees that Carrier has a zero tolerance policy for illegal activity and shall report such activity to the appropriate authorities. In case of passenger’s breach, Carrier also has the right to require passengers and their accompanying passengers to disembark from the ship without any responsibility for refund or compensation for the loss or expenses of the passengers and their accompanying passengers.



Each adult Passenger undertakes and agrees to supervise at all times any accompanying minors to ensure compliance with the provisions of this Section 3.



Passengers must be fully subject to the Carrier's or master's right to dispose of the ship's safety and navigation safety.Carrier may also change accommodation,alter or cancel any activities of,deny service of alcohol to,confine to a stateroom or quarantine,search the stateroom,property or baggage of any Passenger,change a Passenger's Land Tour, disembark or refuse to embark the Passenger and/or any Passenger responsible for any minor Passenger, or restrain any Passenger at any time, without liability, at the risk and expense of the Passenger, when in the sole opinion of Carrier or Captain the Passenger's conduct or presence,or that of any minor for whom the Passenger is responsible,is believed to present a possible danger,security risk or be detrimental to himself or the health,welfare,comfort or enjoyment of others,or is in violation of any provision of this Agreement.



Passenger,or if a minor,his parent or guardian,shall be liable for and indemnify Carrier,the Vessel and the Transport from any civil liability,fines,penalties,costs or expenses incurred by or imposed on the Vessel,the Transport or Carrier arising from or related to Passenger's conduct or failure to comply with any provisions of this Section 3,including but not limited to:(i)any purchases by or credit extended to the Passenger;(ii)requirements relating to immigration,customs or excise(e.g.illegally stays at a port of call and fails to return to the Vessel by the embarkation cut-off time);or(iii)any personal injury,death or damage to persons or property caused directly or indirectly,in whole or in part,by any willful or negligent act or omission on the part of the Passenger.



Passengers are required to arrive at the port within the time specified by the carrier for boarding. If no time is specified, passengers must arrive at the port of boarding at least three (3) hours earlier than the scheduled departure time. Passengers agree to return to the ship in time at all ports of call during cruise and, in any case, at least 30 (30) minutes before the scheduled departure time. Carrier shall not be required to refund any portion of the Cruise  Fare paid by any Passenger who fails for any reason to be onboard the Vessel or Transport by the embarkation cut-off time applicable to the specific cruise or cruise tour or the boarding cut-off time applicable at any port of call or destination or point of departure as the case may be, and shall not be responsible for lodging, meals, transportation or other expenses incurred by Passenger as a result thereof. Boarding cut-off times for any port of call or destination or point of departure are as announced on the applicable Cruise .



For whatever reason, Passengers are required to land at the port of departure or at the port designated by the carrier. After cruise cruise, Passengers who do not comply with the instructions of the carrier will be evacuated by the Carrier. The Passenger agrees to compensate the carrier for any delay, expense, loss or damage caused by refusal or failure to land due to non-compliance with the carrier's instructions.



Carrier may refuse to transport any Passenger,and may remove any Passenger from the Vessel or Transport at any time,for any of the following reasons:(i)whenever such action is necessary to comply with any government regulations,directives or instructions;(ii)when a Passenger refuses to permit search of his person or property for explosives,weapons,dangerous materials or other stolen,illegal or prohibited items;(iii)when a Passenger refuses upon request to produce positive identification;or(iv)for failure to comply withCarrier's policies, regulations and procedures, including but not limited to Carrier'sPassengerConduct Policyor Carrier's policy of prohibiting excessive contact with staff on board. Carrier’s Passenger Conduct Policy is incorporated into the Guest Ticket Contract and are available online at the following website: www.aocruise.com.



In the interests of safety and security, Passengers and their baggage are subject to inspection or monitoring electronically with or without the Passenger's consent or knowledge.



If Carrier exercises its rights under this Section 3,Passenger shall have no claim against Carrier whatsoever and Carrier shall have no liability for refund,compensation loss or damages of Passenger,including but not limited to any expenses incurred by Passenger for Accommodation or repatriation.





Passenger warrants that he and those traveling with him are fit for travel and that such travel will not endanger cruise or other persons and property.



Passengerunder the age of 18 will not be assigned to a stateroom unless accompanied in the same stateroom by an adult passengers of 18 years or older living together,or parents or guardians of minors living in adjacent cabins and traveling with them.For married couples under 18years of age,legal and effective marriage certificates should be provided.Carrier reserves the right to requirePassengers to provide age certificates at any time.Except as stipulated inSection5 of thisTicketContract,the age of thePassenger on the sailing day determines the age status of thePassenger during the whole voyage.



Pregnancy and Infants.Any Passenger who will enter the 24th week of pregnancy by the beginning of,or at any time during their Cruise Tour agrees not to book the cruise or aboard the Vessel or Transport under any circumstances.If Passenger violates these provisions,the Carrier or captain has the right to refuse to board the ship or take the means of transport.


No infants under a specific age(at least six(6)months)shall be booked on a cruise or Cruise Tour,nor brought onboard the Vessel or Transport by any Passenger under any circumstances.If Passenger violates these provisions,the Carrier or captain has the right to refuse to board the ship or take the means of transport.



Special Needs.Any Passenger with mobility,communication or other impairments,or other special or medical needs that may require medical care or special Accommodation during the cruise or Cruise Tour,including but not limited to the use of any service animal,must notify the Carrier of any such condition at the time of booking.Passenger agrees to accept responsibility and reimburse Carrier for any loss,damage or expense whatsoever related to the presence of any service animal brought on board the Vessel or Transport.Passengers acknowledge and understand that certain international safety requirements,shipbuilding standards,and/or applicable regulations involving design,construction or operation of the Vessel may restrict access to facilities or activities for persons with mobility,communication or other impairments or special needs.Passengers requiring the use of a wheelchair must provide their own wheelchair(that must be of a size and type that can be accommodated on the Vessel)as wheelchairs carried on board are for emergency use only.



Carrier shall have the right to deny boarding for violations of any of the policies set forth in this Section.If Carrier exercises its rights under this Section 4,Passenger shall have no claim against Carrier whatsoever and Carrier shall have no liability for refund,compensation loss or damages of Passenger,including but not limited to any expenses incurred by Passenger for Accommodation or repatriation.




Passengerare prohibited from bringing any alcoholic drink,intoxicating liquor or beverage on board the Vessel.All alcohol,wine/champagne and excessive non-alcoholic beverages will be confiscated and discarded without compensation.Alcoholic beverages purchased in the Vessel's gift shops or at a port of call will be retained by Carrier for the duration of the Cruise and returned to Passenger upon arrival at the port of disembarkation. Passenger shall have no claim for any loss or inconvenience incurred as a result thereof. Carrier reserves the right to refuse to serve alcohol to any passenger. Passenger acknowledge that the minimum age permitted for the purchase, possession or consumption of alcoholic beverages aboard the Vessel is eighteen (18). Passenger agrees to supervise all Minor under their charge to ensure that they do not violate this or any other shipboard regulations. Passenger who attempts to purchase alcohol by using false identification will be deemed in violation of this policy. Passenger agrees that Carrier has the right to disembark any Passenger who violates this policy as well as any Accompanying Adult travelling with the Minor who violates this policy or any other shipboard regulation.



If a guest that is below the minimum age limit to consume alcohol onboard has a birthday during a cruise itinerary that would then mean they meet the minimum age limit for consuming alcohol onboard, they must notify the Guest Relations Desk and provide evidence in the form of their passport as proof of age in order to allow the Guest Relations Desk to update their details and permit them to purchase alcohol onboard.




Baggage Limits and Prohibited Items. Each adult Passenger is permitted to carry onboard the Vessel or check-in only the wearing apparel and personal effects reasonably necessary for the cruise, including suitcases, trunks, valises, satchels, bags, hangers containing clothing, toiletries and similar items. In no event shall any Passenger bring on board the Vessel or check-in, or in connection with the Land Tour, any illegal controlled substances, fireworks, live animals (except under the terms of Section 4.4 below), weapons, firearms, explosives or other hazardous materials, or any other items prohibited by applicable law or Carrier policy. Carrier reserves the right to refuse to permit any Passenger to take on board the Vessel or on any mode of Transport any item Carrier deems inappropriate.



Limited Carriage. Carrier does not undertake to carry as baggage any tools of trade, household goods(including but not limited to appliances and furniture),fragile or valuable items, precious metals, jewelry, documents, negotiable instruments or other valuables. Each Passenger warrants that no such item will be presented to Carrier within any receptacle or container as baggage, and hereby releases Carrier from any liability whatsoever for loss of or damage to such items when presented to Carrier in breach of this warranty. In no event shall Carrier be liable for normal wear or tear of luggage or property, or loss of or damage to jewelry, cash, negotiable paper, photographic/electronic, medical or recreational equipment, dental hardware, eyewear, medications or other valuables unless they are deposited with Carrier on the Vessel for safekeeping against receipt(LOTs do not accept valuables for deposit).Carrier's liability,if any, for loss of or damage to valuables so deposited shall not exceed the amounts indicated in Section11.6above.



Disposal of non-acquired property.Property not claimed upon arrival of the Vessel will be stored at the risk and expense of the Guest and/or owner of the property and if not collected within 30 days of the Vessel's arrival, may be disposed of by the Carrier in any manner whatsoever it deems fit without any liability to or compensation to the Guest and/or the owner of the property and/or any other person. The cost of the Carrier's disposal of the property shall be borne by the Passenger or the owner of the property or any other person having a legitimate right to the property.



Lien on luggage,property and other property.The Carrier shall have a lien upon any baggage,money and other property belonging to any Guest or in his possession,in satisfaction of(i)any sums,monies,expenses,charges or damages whatsoever which are or may in any way have become due whether under the Passage Contract or any other contract or otherwise by the Guest to the Carrier,or to its servants,agents or representative;(ii)any costs and expenses of enforcing such lien and in relation to the storage and sale of such baggage and property(Including legal fees,lawyer fees);(iii)Interest on the above items(i)and(ii).Upon accounting to the Guest for the balance remaining,if any,the Carrier shall be discharged from all liability whatsoever in respect of the property.




Availability of Medical Care.Due to the nature of travel by sea and the ports visited,the availability of medical care onboard the Vessel and in ports of call may be limited or delayed and medical evacuation may not be possible from the Vessel while at sea or from every location to which the Vessel sails.To the extent Passengers retain the services of medical personnel or independent contractors on or off the Vessel,Passengers do so at their sole risk.Any medical personnel attending to a Passenger on or off the Vessel,if arranged by Carrier,are provided solely for the convenience of the Passenger,work directly for the Passenger,and shall not be deemed to be acting under the control or supervision of the Carrier,as Carrier is not a medical provider.



Relationship with Service Providers.Any onboard concessions(including but not limited to theduty-free shops,gift shops,spas,beauty salon,art program,photography)are either operated by or are independent contractors on board the Vessel,on Transport or elsewhere and are provided solely for the convenience of Passenger.Even though the Carrier shall be entitled to charge a fee and earn a profit for arranging such services,all such persons or entities shall be deemed independent contractors and not acting as agents or representatives of Carrier.Carrier assumes no liability whatsoever for any treatment,failure to treat,diagnosis,misdiagnosis,actual or alleged malpractice,advice,examination or other services provided by such persons or entities.Guest acknowledges that the Vessel's hair dresser, manicurist, art auctioneer, duty-free shop personal and gift shop personnel, spa personnel, wedding planners and other providers of merchandise and personal services are employees of independent contractors and that Carrier is not responsible for their actions.



Payment for Medical or Personal Care Services. Passenger shall pay for all medical care or other personal services requested or required, whether onboard or ashore, including the cost of any emergency medical care or transportation incurred by Carrier and any costs associated with the provision of medical services as provided in the CLIA Passenger Bill of Rights. If Passenger is unable to pay and the Carrier pays for such expenses, then Passenger shall reimburse Carrier for those expenses.




All arrangements made for or by Passenger for transportation(other than on the Vessel)before, during or after the Cruise or CruiseTour of any kind whatsoever, as well as air arrangements, shore excursions, tours, hotels, restaurants, attractions and other similar activities or services, including all related conveyances, products or facilities, are made solely for Passenger's convenience and are at Passenger's risk. The providers, owners and Carriers of such services, conveyances, products and facilities are independent contractors and are not acting as Representatives or representatives of Carrier. Even though Carrier may collect a fee for, or otherwise profit from, making such arrangements and offers for sale shore excursions, tours, hotels, restaurants, attractions, the Land Tour and other similar activities or services taking place off the Vessel for a profit, it does not undertake to supervise or control such independent contractors or their employees, nor maintain their conveyances or facilities, and makes no representation, whether express or implied, regarding their suitability or safety. In no event shall Carrier be liable for any loss, delay, disappointment, damage, injury, death or other harm whatsoever to Passenger which occurs on or off the Vessel or the Transport as a result of any acts, omissions or negligence of any independent contractors. For the avoidance of doubt, any shore excursion or other services Passenger may purchase from a Travel Representative should be subject to terms and conditions agreed between Travel Representative and Passenger, and Carrier assumes no liability for any loss, delay, disappointment, damage, injury, death or other harm whatsoever to Passenger which occurs during shore excursion or performance of such other services.




Since force majeure, accidents, incidents, etc. are not attributable to the carrier's objective circumstances,or for the safety of ships or passengers and property,or for salvage or attempt to save lives or property,or fail to meet the minimum requirements for the number of persons,Carrier may cancel,advance,postpone or deviate from any scheduled sailing,port of call,destination,lodging or any activity on or off the Vessel,or substitute another vessel or port of call,destination,lodging or activity without prior notice.Unless otherwise provided in Section 9.3 and 9.6,Carrier shall not be liable for any claim whatsoever by Passenger,including but not limited to loss,compensation or refund,by reason of such cancellation,advancement,postponement,substitution or deviation.



Carrier shall have the right to comply with any orders,recommendations,or directions whatsoever given by any governmental entity or by persons purporting to act with such authority and such compliance shall not be deemed a breach of this Agreement.Carrier shall not be liable for any cancellation,advance,delay,replacement or modification,loss or damage caused by such compliance.



Cancellation,deviation or substitution may also be caused by a Force Majeure Event.“Force Majeure Event” refers to incidents that cannot be predicted,avoided and overcome,including but not limited to Acts of God,breakdown of the Vessel,wars,hostilities,blockades,labor conflicts,strikes aboard or ashore,stoppages,boycotts,prohibitions or restrictions,order or restraint by governmental authorities or others,arrests,requisitions,seizures or controls,hijacking,piracy,fires,conflicts,Insurance company directives,acts of terrorism,civil commotions,riots or civil strife,epidemics,quarantine restrictions,weather conditions(including typhoon)and considerations of safety of the Vessel(of which the Master shall be the sole judge),foundering of the Vessel or breakdowns of or damage to its hull,machinery and fittings(which Carrier could not have anticipated or avoided despite our normal comprehensive mechanical checks),inability to secure or failure of supplies including fuel,requisition of the Vessel,port congestion or blocking,poor access,difficulties in entering the port,travel advisories(warnings)issued by governments of the destinations/the World Health Organization,medical or lifesaving emergencies,red/black outbound travel alerts issued by government authorities,and any other situations of which the industry has no control and which are unfavorable to outbound trips of travelers,or other circumstances beyond the Carrier’s control(including but not limited to a change in Carrier’s fleet deployment caused by any of the aforementioned events).The followings shall apply in circumstances of cancellation,deviation or substitution by Carrier caused by a Force Majeure Event:



Pre departure,if Carrier is forced to cancel a cruise completely due to a Force Majeure Event(a change to the itinerary or substitution of ports of call shall not be deemed cancellation of a cruise),the sole liability of Carrier,shall be for refund to Passenger or Travel Representative(when booked through a Travel Representative)the payment received for your booking within thirty(30)days.Passenger booking through a Travel Representative should contact your Travel Representative for refund.



Pre departure,if itinerary change is required due to a Force Majeure Event and is deemed to have an adverse impact on the overall holiday experience,Passenger will have the following options:(i)accept the changed arrangements,in which case Carrier will,within thirty(30)days,refund to Passenger or its Travel Representative(when booked through a Travel Representative)the unactually incurred expenses;or(ii)cancel the cruise,in which case Carrier will,within thirty(30)days,refund to Passenger or its Travel Representative(when booked through a Travel Representative)50%of the Cruise Fare received for your booking,plus port taxes and fees.Passenger booking through a Travel Representative should contact your Travel Representative for refund.



After commencement of the cruise,if any deviation or substitution is required due to a Force Majeure Event,the sole liability for Carrier,shall be for refund to Passenger or Travel Representative(when booked through a Travel Representative)the unactually incurred expenses within thirty(30)days.Passenger booking through a Travel Representative should contact your Travel Representative for refund.



Passengers understand and agree that the departure and arrival time of cruise itinerary cannot be guaranteed,any part of the itinerary could be delay possibly,and it may be canceled and reached port due to weather conditions,safety of navigation,navigation through restricted waters,ports and waterways and other circumstances beyond the control of the carrier(including but not limited to the force majeure events).Notwithstanding the foregoing,the carrier will arrange reasonable alternative port,or modify the itineraries,trying the very best to ensure the passengers experience the original itinerary as much as possible by providing one or two options.Under such circumstances,the carrier does not need to make any refund or compensate the passengers.



Passengers on behalf of oneself and the passenger side agree that if the itineraries have been modified due to any incidents that described above,they will not compel Carrier to accept any conditions or interrupt the normal operation or sailing of the vessel by way of group protests,refusal to embark or disembark the ship,or behave in any other extreme ways to protest,or act in violation of PassengerConduct Policy and laws or regulations of countries that are involved in the cruise or any other actions.Passengers shall at all times comply with notices,instructions or orders from the ship's Captain and shall in addition comply with the Carriers Passenger Conduct Policy. Failure to comply with this Section may subject Passenger to actions Carrier may take pursuant to Passenger Conduct Policy, and Carrier may also hold Passenger liable for any losses it may suffer therefrom.



If Cruise is being canceled due to mechanical failures (or Cruise Tour is being partially canceled) which are due to the Carrier’s fault, (1)when it is canceled, passengers have rights to get a full refund, if Cruise is being terminated early, passengers are entitled of partial refund; (2)the Carrier could compensate additional fee within the appropriate scope (such as airline ticket change fee); (3) when passengers have arrived the cruise, they are entitled to be sent to the original destination or their city of origin (by their preference of transportation); and(4) when passengers need to disembark and stay overnight on any unscheduled port due to the cancellation or partial cancellation of the Cruise Tour, accommodations shall be arranged (by the choice of the cruise company) for the passengers.





If a Passenger books the cruise from a Travel Representative,then your Cruise  Fares,including but not limited to any fuel or other supplemental charges,government taxes and fees and other charges are established by your travel representative that took your booking and not the Carrier.Similarly,the payment schedule for your Cruise or Cruisetour Fares is established by your travel representative that took your booking and not the Carrier.In addition,all cancellation and refund policies for your Cruise or CruiseTour fares are established by your travel representative that took your booking and not the Carrier.If a Passenger books the cruise from a Travel Representative,any payments of the Cruise or CruiseTour Fares shall be made to the Travel Representative and not the Carrier.If Carrier received payment from your Travel Representative,the refund will be provided back to that Travel Representative,unless otherwise agreed by Carrier and Travel Representative.



Any refund due to Passenger as a result of cancellation by Passenger both prior to or after the CruiseTour has begun shall be established and determined by the travel representative that took your booking who shall have sole liability for any refunds, where applicable. In the event of cancellation by the Passenger pre cruise, or early disembarkation of the Passenger for any reason, including pursuant to any provision of this Ticket Contract, such disembarkation shall be without refund, compensation, or liability on the part of the Carrier whatsoever.



If a Passenger books the cruise from the Carrier or its designated local affiliate (“Carrier Booking Office”), then your booking including, without limitation, Cruise or CruiseTour Fares, payment schedule, cancellation and refund policies) shall be bound by the terms and conditions of the Carrier Booking Office, as detailed below:



If you cancel your itinerary before the start of the tour or cancel your reservation due to unpaid or late ticket payment, you will have to pay the corresponding cancellation fee to the carrier in such cases:



Select fare programs (such as advance booking offers) require the payment at the time of booking of a nonrefundable deposit. Different from standard fare programs, that deposit amount shall not be refundable at any time after it has been paid. Change fees will apply to bookings for which the deposit is nonrefundable;



For standard fare programs, cruises that are cancelled prior to the sail date may be subject to a cancellation fee.


The amount of the cancellation fee shall vary depending on how far in advance of the sail date the Carrier Booking Office receives notice of cancellation:


If cancellation is made


Cancellation Fee for Standard Fare Programs


Cancellation Fee for Select Fare Programs


60 days or more prior to sail date


No cancellation fee


RMB500 per person


59 to 45 days


RMB500 per person


RMB500 per person


44 to 29 days


40%of ticket fare (excluding taxes and fees)


40%of ticket fare (excluding taxes and fees)


28 to 15 days


80%of ticket fare (excluding taxes and fees)


80%of ticket fare (excluding taxes and fees)


14 days or less


100%of ticket fare (excluding taxes and fees)


100%of ticket fare (excluding taxes and fees)




Cancellation by the Passenger after the Cruise has begun, early disembarkation of the Passenger for any reason, including pursuant to any provision of this Ticket Contract, or “no-shows” shall be without refund, compensation, or liability on the part of the Carrier Booking Office whatsoever.



Carrier Booking Office reserves the right to offer promotional cruise fares or other offers that may modify the cancellation polices set forth above. Please refer to your booking terms and conditions for any such booking.




During cruisetour, Carrier shall not be liable for personal injury, death or property loss or damage to passengers caused by the following reasons:(1)The intent, negligence or negligence of the passenger includes, but is not limited to, failure to comply with the prior declaration or instructions of Carrier or the captain, failure to comply with Carrier's policies,regulations or instructions of the captain,senior crew or crew;(2)Force majeure;(3)Accidents:(4)Reasons for passengers' own health;(5)Natural characteristics, inherent defects or normal wear and tear of passenger luggage and property;(6)Accidents are not caused by the negligence of the carrier or the carrier's employee or agent within the scope of employment or commission.



Liability for Loss of or Damage to Baggage.If Passenger's property is obviously damaged, Passenger shall immediately notify Carrier and submit a written notice to Carrier not later than before or at the time of departure. If damage is difficult to find when leaving the ship or when property is returned, Passenger shall submit a written notice to Carrier within 15 days from the date of leaving the ship or the property is returned or should be returned. If a Passenger fails to submit a written notice in time in accordance with the provisions of this paragraph, it shall be deemed that the Passenger has received the luggage intact and undamaged.




Unless negligent,Carrier is neither responsible nor liable for any loss of or damage to Passenger's property,whether contained in luggage or otherwise.Liability for loss of or damage to Passenger's property in connection with any air or ground transportation shall be the sole responsibility of the provider of the service and in accordance with applicable limitations.



Guest acknowledges and confirms that  persons other than Carriers who provide personal services on board (including and not limited to hairdressers, manicurists, fitness coaches, masseurs, photographers, gift shops, duty-free shops or shops) are employees of independent contractors and work directly for Passengers.Carrier shall not be liable for any personal injury, loss of property or damage to Passengers caused by the services provided by the independent contractor.



Guest acknowledges and confirms that, except as otherwise provided in this Agreement, if Carrier arranges for Passengers air transport, land transport, Hotel accommodation, ground transshipment, onshore sightseeing, medical services or other onshore transportation, activities, services, facilities or entertainment, Carrier makes this arrangement solely for the convenience of Passengers and does not represent or supervise the parties or individuals who own, provide or operate such means of transport, services or facilities. Carrier shall not be liable for personal casualties, property loss or damage suffered by Passengers in any such air or land transportation, as well as participation in upstream shore activities, receiving services or using facilities.



Carrier hereby disclaims all liability to the passenger for damages for emotional distress, mental suffering or psychological injury of any kind under any circumstances, when such damages were neither the result of a physical injury to the passenger, nor the result of passenger having been at actual risk of physical injury, nor were intentionally inflicted by the carrier. Without limiting the preceding sentence, in no event will carrier be liable to passenger for any consequential, incidental, exemplary or punitive damages.


Limitation of liability. Except as otherwise provided in this bill contract or law, Carrier's liability for personal injury,loss of property or damage suffered by Passengers during cruise is limited to:(1)The liability of the Carrier for death or personal injury to a Passenger to no more than 46,666 Special Drawing Rights(SDR);(2)The liability of the Carrier for the loss of or damage to cabin luggage shall in no case exceed 833 SDR per Passenger,per sailing;(3)The liability of the Carrier for the loss of or damage to other luggage shall in no case exceed 1200 SDR per Passenger,per sailing.



The exclusions,limitations of liability,conditions and freedoms of Carrier set forth in the provisions of this Ticket Contract,as well as all rights,defenses or immunities set forth herein,shall also apply to and be for the benefit of employees,Representatives,independent contractors,concessionaires and suppliers of Carrier,other persons employed or acting on behalf of the carrier,or The persons whose services or equipment are used to fulfil this Agreement(including,but not limited to,the owners and Carriers of all shore side properties at which the Vessel or the Transport may call,as well as owners,designers,installers,suppliers and manufacturers of the Vessel or Transport(or any component parts of either)together with the directors,senior staff,service personnel and agents of each of the foregoing),and/or any launches,craft or facilities of any kind belonging to or provided by any of the parties identified in this paragraph.



The provisions of this contract shall in no case affect the rights of the carrier under applicable law,including but not limited to the rights of defense,exemption and limitation of liability,nor shall they imply that the carrier waives these rights.





Passenger acknowledges and confirms thatany travel representative used by the passenger for the relevant reservation of the bill contract shall be the agent of the passenger,and the carrier shall not be liable for any act of the travel representative,including,but not limited to,cases where travel representatives fail to remit ticket fare,port taxes or other payments to the Carrier(Passengers are obliged to pay these fees to the Carrier at all times)or where travel representatives fail to remit refunds or other payments from the Carrier to the Passengers.



In addition,the receipt by the travel representative of a Ticket,this ticket contract or any other contact,notification or information from the Carrier constitutes the receipt of those materials.
Passenger acknowledges that the Carrier is not responsible for the financial condition and integrity of any travel representative.If the travel representative fails to pay the amount paid to the Carrier by the Passenger to the travel representative,the Passenger is still obliged to pay the amount to the Carrier regardless of whether or not the Carrier requests payment from the Passenger.




Passenger acknowledges that passengers can only sue Carrier in their personal capacity for their individual related claims.Unless otherwise stipulated by relevant laws,passenger acknowledges that any arbitration or litigation claim made by Carrier,ship or any means of transport may only be filed separately and shall not be brought as a member or part of any class action or representative action;and Passenger expressly agrees to waive the right to participate in class action granted by any law.If your claim should be litigated in accordance with the provisions of Section 19 below,the court will not have the right to hear claims filed in group action.Passenger agrees that under no circumstances shall the provisions of this paragraph be separated from the dispute settlement clause specified in Section 19 below.






Passenger hereby grants to Carrier(and its assignees and licensees)the exclusive right throughout the universe and in perpetuity to include photographic,video,audio and other visual or audio portrayals of Passenger taken during or in connection with the Cruise or CruiseTour(including any images,likenesses or voices)in any medium of any nature whatsoever(including the right to edit,combine with other materials or create any type of derivative thereof)for the purpose of trade,advertising,sales,publicity,promotional,training or otherwise,without compensation to the Passenger.Such grant shall include the unrestricted right to copy,revise,distribute,display and sell photographs,images,films,tapes,drawings or recordings in any type of media(including but not limited to the Internet).Passenger hereby agrees that all rights,title and interest therein(including all worldwide copyrights therein)shall be Carrier's sole property, free from any claims by Passenger or any person deriving any rights or interest from Passenger.



Passenger hereby agrees that any recording(whether audio or video or otherwise)or photograph of or made by Passenger, other Passengers, crew or third parties onboard the Vessel or depicting the Vessel, its design, equipment or otherwise shall not be used for any commercial purpose, in any media broadcast or for any other non-private use without the express written consent of Carrier. The Carrier shall be entitled to take any reasonable measure to enforce this provision.





During the booking process and Your cruise holiday, You may provide personal data to Carrier that may include Your name, address, date of birth, email address, Your telephone number, special occasion dates, vacation preferences and passport and credit card information (cardholder name, card number and expiration date) as well as emergency contact information (the name, address and telephone number of someone not traveling with You who Carrier can contact in case of an emergency). ("Personal Information") In addition You may provide Carrier with certain additional information relating to Your dietary or religious preferences, health requirements, health insurance information, medical conditions, gender or sexual preference. (“Sensitive Information”). You acknowledge and agree to provide accurate and current information and to update that information as appropriate.



You further acknowledge and agree Carrier may (a) keep Your Personal Information and Sensitive Information (collectively, “PSD”); (b) use Your PSD in its business worldwide including but not limited to respond to Your inquiries, process orders, contact You regarding customer service, advise You of products or services which may be of interest to You or to personalize Carrier’s service to meet Your needs or preferences (c) share it with Carrier’s affiliated/related companies so that such affiliates/related companies may use such PSD to send You marketing materials which may be of interest to You, and (d) subject it to processing worldwide provided Carrier’s safeguards are used. You agree any PSD You provide to Carrier in China may be used, processed and transferred within and outside China and specifically to the U.S.



You also acknowledge and agree Carrier may use and disclose Your PSD to unaffiliated third parties: (1) after You request or authorize it; (2) to help complete a transaction for You; (3) to comply with law, applicable regulations, governmental and quasi-governmental requests, court orders or subpoenas; (4) to enforce this Passage Contract or other agreements, or to protect the rights, property or safety of Carrier or others including but not limited to reporting, assessing, investigating and otherwise managing accidents/incidents, including disclosures to lawyers and insurers; (5) for medical treatment (including medical disembarkation) purposes, including disclosures to health service providers, medical evacuation assistance companies, hotels, airlines, travel agents and, where You are unable to consent, next of kin (6) as part of a purchase, transfer or sale of services or assets (7) when provided to Carrier’s agents, outside vendors or service providers to perform functions on Carrier’s behalf; or (8) as described in Carrier’s policies, as amended from time to time.



Carrier takes steps to protect Your PSD including the use of internet security technology to encrypt information and implementing business practices and procedures including staff training on the importance of protecting PSD. You also play a role in protecting your PSD and You can help to maintain the security of your transactions by not sharing your booking number or password with anyone except those who are authorized to making booking arrangements on Your behalf. If Carrier receives instructions using your booking number or log-in information and password it is assumed that the instructions have been authorized by You.



You consent to Carrier sending You commercial electronic messages, including by email and messaging services such as SMS, and to Carrier contacting You by telephone and fax, to provide information about Carrier’s products and services. You may request to be removed from Carrier’s contact list at any time.





Any provision of this Agreement that is determined in any jurisdiction to be unenforceable for any reason shall be deemed severed from this Agreement in that jurisdiction only and all remaining provisions shall remain in full force and effect.





This Ticket Contract is non-transferable. Among other things, this means that the Passenger cannot sell or transfer this Ticket Contract to someone else, and Carrier shall not be liable to the Passenger or any other person in possession of a Ticket Contract for honoring or refunding such Ticket Contract when presented by such other person.



To the extent permitted or required by law, this Agreement also covers Carrier's CruiseCareproducts,shore excursions,land and hotel packages,if applicable.





This Guest Ticket Contract shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the People’s Republic of China.All disputes under or in connection with this contract shall be submitted to the jurisdiction of the maritime court within the territory of the People's Republic of China.





This Guest Ticket Contract is drafted in Chinese. The Guest Ticket Contract can be translated into any other language other than Chinese, and the Chinese version shall prevail in all cases.







Throughout its history, Astro Ocean  International Cruise Company Limited (Astro Ocean) is devoted to providing its passengers with a wide variety of cruise experiences that lead to exceptional vacations. Whether it’s our professional and friendly crew, our unmatched ship, our almost endless variety of activities, our extensive list of beautiful and exotic destinations and excursions, our exciting entertainment, or our wide variety of delicious food, you will find many reasons why your Astro Ocean vacation will be one of the best you have ever experienced.


您还将发现您的邮轮体检中非常精彩的部分之一,即邮轮上的旅客来自世界各地,拥有不同的文化背景,因此将使您了解世界各地文化并结识许多新朋友。然而万事均有利弊, 虽然结交新朋友能提升您的旅途享受,但是船上的某些旅客可能会表现出一些令人不解或不甚愉快的行为举止。由于旅客拥有各自不同的文化背景,因此让各位熟悉了解星旅远洋的旅客行为规范至关重要。

You may also find that one of the most amazing parts of your cruise vacation experience will be the many rich and varied cultures represented among our passengers. This diversity offers a chance to learn about different parts of the world and to make new friends. But just as a new friend can enhance your vacation experience, some passengers may behave in ways you find unusual or undesirable. Since our passengers do come from different and diverse backgrounds, it is important that everyone have a common understanding of the behavioral standards in place on Astro Ocean.


本旅客行为守则(以下简称“守则”)旨在确保所有旅客能享受安全、愉快的邮轮体验, 并为旅客在船上度假期间的行为举止制定相关标准,包括在上下船、码头内、登船后、沿途停靠港、岸上观光以及私有目的地等区域。本行为准则可能含有未尽事宜并有可能有些行为规范无法全面被阐明。若出现此类情况,旅客应当遵守船长所采取的确保旅客的人身和各项安全的必要的指示。除本守则外,船上旅客还应遵守邮轮途经的各个国家的相应适用法律。本守则可能会进行更新。任何对本守则的更新将可在星旅远洋的网站(www.aocruise.com)上浏览。

This Passenger Conduct Policy (“Policy”) is intended to help ensure that all passengers are able to participate in a safe and enjoyable cruise vacation and sets forth standards of conduct for passengers to follow throughout their Astro Ocean vacation, including transfers to and from ships, inside terminals, while onboard, at ports of call, during shore excursions and at our private destinations. This policy is not intended to be all inclusive, and it is likely there will be conduct issues that it does not specifically address. In that event, as in all others, passengers are expected to follow the direction of the ship’s Captain who will take appropriate action to ensure the safety, security and well-being of our passengers. In addition to this policy, passengers are expected to comply with applicable laws of the various countries that they visit. Updates to the Passenger Conduct Policy may be made between publications of this document. Any updates to this Passenger Conduct Policy are available for review on the Astro Ocean internet site, www.aocruise.com.



安全与保障 Safety and Security


Safety and security are everyone 's responsibility.Should anyone become aware of unsafe or possibly illegal behavior during passengers cruise vacation,they should immediately report this to the ship's Security Staff or other ship management. This may be done through ship's telephone or by seeking the assistance of a crew member.



旅客行为Passenger Conduct


旅客与船员交流Passenger and Crew Interaction


Our crew members arefriendly,outgoing and helpful,and they will do their very best to make your vacation as enjoyable as possible.Please do not misinterpret their friendliness.Crew members are prohibited from engaging in physical relationships with passengers.Crew members are not permitted to socialize with passengers beyondtheirprofessionalduties,andarenotpermittedtobeinpassengerstaterooms,except for the performance of their shipboard duties.Passengers are expected to respect these policies and are similarly prohibited from engaging in physical relationships with crew members.Passengers are not permitted in any restricted or crew area of the ship,including crew staterooms andcorridors.


粗言秽语Verbally Abusive or Offensive Language


Verbally abusive or offensive language directed toward anyone,to include passengers,crew members,governmental officials,or others is not permitted.


不得体行为或粗暴行为Inappropriate or Abusive Behavior


Inappropriate or abusive behavior is not permitted.This includes:uninvited physical contact,solicitation,harassment,vandalism,theft,violence,use of fake/false identification,underage drinking(see alcohol section below),providing alcohol to those under the allowed age(see alcohol section below),possession of illegal substances/items or any other illegal or offensive conduct.


危险行为Unsafe Behavior


Sitting,standing,laying or climbing on,over or across any exterior or interior railings or other protective barriers,or tampering with ship's equipment, facilities or systems designed for passenger safety is not permitted. Passengers may not enter or access any area that is restricted and for the use of crew members. Any other unsafe behavior, including failure to follow security instructions, is not permitted.


无理取闹或破坏行为 Discourteous or Disruptive Behavior


Pool, deck and theater chairs may not be reserved. Topless sunbathing is not permitted except on selected itineraries, and then it will only be allowed in designated areas. (Contact Guest Services for Dress Code details.) Boom boxes or loud radios are not permitted. Roller blades, roller skates, skateboards, scooters, surfboards, bicycles, and similar items may not be utilized onboard; except for mobility aids related to special needs, as approved by the ship's medical staff.




For the comfort and enjoyment of our passengers,our ship is designated asnon-smoking;However,we recognize that some of our passengers do smoke.Therefore,we have designated certain areas of the ship as smoking areas.Toassist in locating areas where smoking is permitted,passengers will find visible signage postedwithinallsmokingareas.Thelocationofallsmokingvenuescanalsobefound in the daily Cruise Compass;or you may contact Guest Services once onboard.Smoking is not permitted inside any stateroom and any privatebalcony.If a passenger is in violation of this smokingpolicy,a cleaning fee of $250 USD will be applied to their associated account.Astro Oceankindly asks all passengers to please observe the smoking policy and restraint smoking cigar or pipe in non-smoking area.These requests are made to provide a comfortable cruise for everyone.Passenger who violates this smoking policy may be subject to further action pursuant to the'Consequences Section'of the Passenger ConductPolicy.Youmust be at least 18 years of age to purchase,possess or use tobacco onboard.Cigarettes,cigars and pipe tobacco must be properly disposed of and never thrownoverboard.





Ship's management reserves the right to enact curfews on an individual, group, or ship-wide basis, if in the sole judgment of the ship's Captain,such steps become necessary to ensure passenger or crew safety.


离船Departing from a Ship


Parents or guardians must not permit any passenger in their care under age 18 from leaving a ship in any port without responsible adult supervision.


父母与监护人责任Parental and Guardian Responsibility


For purposes of this Passenger ConductPolicy,a minor is defined as anyone under the age of 18.A young adult is defined as anyone ages 18,19 or 20.Parents and guardians are responsible for the behavior and appropriate supervision of their accompanying minor(s)and young adult(s)throughout their vacation.This obligation applies during transfers to and from ships,inside terminals,while onboard,at our ports of call,during shore excursions and at our private destinations.This responsibilityappliesatalltimes,regardlessofwhethertheparentsandguardiansare physically in the company of their minor(s)and youngadult(s).





Astro Oceanpassengers are expected to be responsible for their actions at all times,including during transfers to and from ships,inside terminals,while onboard,at our ports of call,during shore excursions and at our private destinations.Consuming alcohol to excess impairs one's judgment and reduces one's ability to recognize and avoid potentially dangerous situations.Passengers who choose to consume alcohol must do soresponsibly.The ship's staff may refuse to serve alcoholic beverages to any passenger who does not consume alcohol responsibly. Ship's personnel may request verification of a passenger's age to verify they are of age to consume alcohol pursuant to this policy. Any passenger that violates this alcohol policy will be considered for disciplinary action pursuant to the 'Consequences Section' of this Passenger Conduct Policy, and may lose their privileges to use the disco or other areas or facilities of the ship.



Passengers are not permitted to bring alcoholic beverages nor non-alcoholic beverages onboard. Security may inspect containers (including water bottles, soda bottles, mouthwash, canteens, etc.) at any time. Alcoholic beverages that are purchased from onboard shops or in ports of call (which must be presented to security upon re-boarding), will be secured by ship's personnel.Alcohol secured by ship's personnel will be returned to passengers just prior to the conclusion of their cruise vacation. Passengers who are under the permitted drinking age will not have alcohol returned to them.



The minimum drinking age for all alcoholic beverages on Astro Ocean ship depends on the departure location of the cruise tour. In certain circumstances where the local laws permit or require, Astro Ocean may modify the policy without prior notice.



For purposes of complying with the minimum drinking age requirements, a passenger's age is established upon embarkation(beginning of the cruise).If a passenger celebrates their birthday during the cruise vacation,and thereby becomes of age to consume alcohol,the passenger may thereafter ask the Guest Services to modify ship’s records to permit their consumption of alcohol during the remainder of the cruise.The passenger will be required to appear at Guest Services to present a government issued form of identification to permit verification of their age.



Passengers who violate any alcohol policy,including but not limited to underage drinking;providing alcohol to minors or young adults;possessing,concealing or attempting to conceal alcoholic items in their luggage,when boarding or while onboard;engaging in alcohol drinking games;or failing to consume alcohol responsibly,will be considered for discipline under the provisions of this policy.


违禁物品Prohibited Items


发热或产生明火的物品Items with Heating Elements or Open Flames


Certainitemsthatgenerateheatorproduceanopenflamearenotpermittedonboard.This includes clothing irons,hotplates,candles,incense and any other item that may create a fire hazard.Curling irons and hair dryers areallowed.


毒品或其他非法物质Drugs or Other Illegal Substances


No illegal drugs or other illegal substances are allowed onboard or may be utilized during aAstro Oceancruise vacation,including during transfers to and from ships,inside terminals,while onboard,at our ports of call,during shore excursions or at our private destinations.Illegal drugs or substances will be confiscated and appropriate action taken,which may include removal from the ship and involvement of appropriate authorities.In addition,foreign governments atAstro Oceanports of call have strict laws that address drug possession.Passengers found in violation of such laws are subject to arrest and prosecution by the foreign jurisdiction(and perhaps Hong Kong or other authorities as well)and may be prevented from re-boarding theship.


武器、爆炸物或其他危险物品Weapons,Explosives or Other Dangerous Items


No weapon,explosive,or other item that presents a risk of harm to persons or property,is permitted onboard.They will be taken by ship’s Security and appropriate action taken.Items such as dive knives must be reported to ship’s personnel at embarkation.They may be permitted onboard,but held in safe custody by the ship's Security staff when not in use ashore.



健康与环境 Health And Environment


洗手 Hand Washing


Passengers are strongly encouraged to wash their hands with soap and hot water after using the restroom and before eating or handling food. Medical experts say this is one of the best ways to prevent illnesses from starting or spreading.


疾病和隔离 Illnesses and Isolation of Passengers

星旅远洋遵循避免旅客感染疾病的做法并制定相关规定。避免传染性疾病,如肠胃疾病病毒、感冒与流感的最好的方法之一就是在如厕后或进食前用肥皂和热水彻底洗手至少 20 秒。若旅客出现肠胃疾病症状,如腹泻呕吐等,或发现他人出现此类症状应立 即通知医疗人员。此外,某些肠胃疾病在症状消失后 72小时或者更长的时间内仍然有感染性;因此,在航行前若发现自己或他人患上此类疾病应立即通知邮轮医疗人员。由此工作人员将采取相关措施来降低其他船上旅客被感染的几率。未及时通知邮轮医疗人员,或无法准确描述其发病症状,将致使疾病的传播几率提高,并且是违反本守则规定的行为。在出现旅客患上传染疾病时,邮轮工作人员将采取具体措施防止传染他人,必要时采取包括“后果”章节中规定的步骤。

Astro Ocean follows practices and maintains policies that seek to prevent illnesses from affecting our passengers. One of the best ways to prevent the spread of contagious illnesses like gastrointestinal viruses, colds and flu is to wash your hands thoroughly for at least 20 seconds with soap and hot water after using the restroom and again before eating anything. In the event you experience symptoms that indicate a gastrointestinal illness, such as diarrhea or vomiting, or know of someone experiencing these symptoms, you must advise the medical staff immediately. In addition, some gastrointestinal illnesses remain contagious up to 72 hours or more after symptoms subside; therefore, if you or someone you know experienced such an illness just prior to your cruise vacation, you must immediately notify the ship's medical staff.This will permit the crew to take steps to reduce the chance that your illness will spread to others on the ship.Failure to immediately report a contagiousillness to the ship's medical staff, or to accurately describe its onset, greatly increases the likelihood the illness will spread to others and is a violation of this Passenger Conduct Policy. In the event of a contagious illness, the ship’s crew will take steps to curtail its spread to other passengers, including if necessary, steps set forth in the Consequences Section below.



垃圾/废物处治 Trash/Waste Disposal


Trash should be properly disposed of in containers provided throughout the ship or in wastebaskets provided in each stateroom. Trash or other foreign objects should never be flushed down a toilet and passengers are not permitted to discard any item overboard. Passengers may not leave items unattended on balconies, as the wind may cause items to fall overboard.


就餐区域的着装要求 Dress Requirements In Dining Area


The cafeteria and restaurant prohibits passengers who are barefoot or wear hat, vest or swimming suit entering; Dressing in shorts, vest or hat are not allowed while dining. The Café prohibits passengers who are barefoot or wear swimming suit entering.



年龄要求 Age Policies


Prohibits persons who are not toilet trained and those who use diapers, pull-ups or swimmers from using pools or whirlpools.

当父母或监护人在健身中心现场监护陪同下且由该父母或监护人签署免责书后,13 15 周岁的年轻旅客在一天的某个时间段可能被允许使用健身中心。请参见您参加的邮轮上的邮轮指南或联系前台了解关于健身中心的具体的年龄限制要求。

Passengers ages 13 to 15 may be permitted to utilize the Fitness Center during certain times of the day; provided the young passenger is accompanied and supervised at all times by their parent or guardian and provided a waiver of liability has been signed by the parent or guardian who is present in the fitness center. See the Cruise Compass or contact Guest Services for the specific Fitness Center age restrictions on your cruise vacation.



后果 Consequences


Failure to act in accordance with this policy, he or she may result in:


            Interference from Security, management, or law enforcement officials


            Deprivation of certain rights, including confinement, separation or detention in the guest room or detention room


            Confiscation of illegal/smuggled/prohibited objects (may be handed over to related law enforcement authorities)


            Prohibition from participation in the current or future cruise itineraries of  Astro Ocean


            The incident may be reported to the government and related authorities, who shall determine and take the subsequent legal actions.


            Send the passenger back at the port of call. After disembarking the ship, the passenger shall undertake the cost of returning journey and accommodations. The documents required for returning to his/her home country, as well as related costs, shall also be the responsibility of the passenger.



The purpose for us to formulate and explain this Passenger Conduct Policy is to ensure that all passengers are able to enjoy a wonderful, comfortable and safe cruise vacation experience. Astro Oceanappreciates your support of this policy and hopes this will be the best vacation you have ever had.

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